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Management system

Product quality management
Chuanyeh semi devotes to provides the high-quality service for the customer. Our products conform to various performance standards or exceeding assigns or conceals, including quality and reliability. Our quality control system conforms to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, can provide the tremendous support for our service concepts.
Our goals are to adopt the following method for the value and degree of satisfaction that the customer provides to continue:
Sets the essential performance target, continually monitoring and improves our quality control system.
Cultivates staff members' quality awareness, the quality realized that implements in our each organizational structure.
Promotes the senses of responsibility of our staff, the work quality and team spirit, and develops our supplier to carry it.
Maintains and development can satisfy us quality specification the firm relations of supplier's constantly to the commodity and service.
Develops to satisfy and surpass the anticipated innovative high quality diligently the product.
The product conforms to ISO 9001:2008, standard.
Reliability assurance
The reliability is the Chuanyeh semi prestige constituent. Each aspect of daily operation we organize is deferring to our quality control system, regarding guaranteeing our products, the quality of craft and supplier and to carry on reliably with emphasis. This commitment not any exception. The success needs the satisfaction of customer, to guarantee the customer satisfaction, our quality teams devote to:
The formulation and implementation satisfies and surmounts the quality requirement that the customer requests.
Monitors each aspect that we organize to carry out the quality procedure the validity.
Introduces the new standard unceasingly, conscientiously effectively enhances the overall quality and reliability of our product and service.
Environmental standard
Chuanyeh semi is requesting to formulate a higher standard for the environment of product with our customers diligently together, and devotes to raising the use factor of electronic products.
Conforms to the RoHS/WEEE Standard-chuanyeh semi provides to conform to the European Union's RoHS directive 2002/95/EC standard lead-free product, conforms to the RoHS 6 types the request standard of forbidding the material.
Independent Analysis capability-chuanyeh semi can provide the independent laboratory report to own lead-free seal product. + please refer to the SGS report!
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