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  • TVS

    • Voltage clamping device with fast response time
    • Transient surge power from 200W to 300,000W
    • Breakdown voltage from 5V to 600V
    • QY Semiconductor can designed and manufacture TVS products to meet customer specifications.

    QY Semiconductor TVS :
    Transient Voltage Suppressor(TVS) Diodes are a type of voltage suppressing device,also known as TVP or ABD.They can limit,or clamp,an over-voltage spike to within a safe range in pica-seconds to protect circuits from damage.

    TVS diodes have a wide range of applications in such diverse fields as consumer products, vehicles, military;telecommunication, aerospace, intelligent control systems and electrostatic discharge protection.

    QY Semiconductor offers a range of low-capacitance TVS products: SMAJ,SMBJ,SMCJ,SMDJ,P4KE,SA,P6KE,1.5KE, 3KP,5KP,15KPA,20KPA,30KPA and HyperFix

    QY Semiconductor TVS products are RoHS WEEE-compliant and meet the following standards and certifications: UL,IEC61000-4-2 and IEC 61643-321:2001.

  • ESD

    • Fast response time, low capacitance;
    • Small package size;
    • Integrate multiple protection lines into one package.

    ESD introduction:ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) components protect against the discharge of electrostatic energy using an array of miniature Transient Voltage Suppressors.ESD surges are typically small,so the protection devices consume little power,allowing them to be made very small.Operating at less than 5V,they have small bodies with high levels of integration,leading to many protection lines in one package with low capacitance and fast response times.QY Semiconductor offers the devices in the following packages:SOD923,SOD523,SOD323,SOT23,SOT-23-6L,SOIC-08&SOIC-16.The nature of the devices provides a great deal of flexibility,allowing for a range of configuration options.

    Applications for ESD’s include:USB,Ethernet,12C Bus,T1/E1’s,WAN/LAN equipment,ISDN S/T interface,AV,PDA,mobile telephones,RS232,GPS units,LCD screens,switches,ADSL,SIM cards,IEEE1394,DVI, HDMI,MP4 players,storage devices,printers&scanners,etc.

    QY Semiconductor ESD products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:GB/T17626.2,IEC61000-4-2,IEC61000-4-4,IEC61000-4-5,MIL-STD-883C method 3015.7,EIAJ-IC-121 method 20.

  • GDT

    • Low capacitance;
    • Very high surge current capability;
    • Isolation: impedance very high and can be kept isolated. Up to 1000Mega Ohms;
    • Used in parallel with device;Voltage from 70V to 3000V;
    • Surge current up to several hundred thousand Amps;
    • Capacitance lower than 1pF.

    GDT introduction:Gas discharge tubes (GDT) use noble gasses enclosed in ceramic tubes to provide an alternate circuit path for voltage spikes.The ceramic envelope and with nickelconnectors allow for high loads and QY Semiconductor offers products that function at 20KA,40KA,50KA,60KA,100KA &150KA.The breakdown voltages of the devices have a wide range (up to 20% tolerance).

    Major applications are high frequency telecommunication lines, stations, security systems,HID and high quality Surge Protection Devices (SPD).

    QY Semiconductor offers the following types:2 port;5,7& 8 mm.3 port;6,7&8 mm.The company also offers surface mounted device (SMD) used in portable digital products.

    QY Semiconductor GTD products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:UL;VDE;IEC 61000-4-5;IEC 61643-311:2001/GB9043;ITU-T K.21;GR1089.

  • MOV

    • Higher surge capability
    • Voltage range from 18V to 1800V
    • Surge current up to 70KA

    QY Semiconductor MOVs
    Metal oxide varistors (MOVs) use zinc oxide that has been heat-treated and formed into a disc. The zinc oxide disc acts as a non-linear resistor, clamping the voltage at a given level.

    Most applications for MOV’s are in power transmission lines and circuits that are controlled by low frequency signals.

    QY Semiconductor provides a full range of MOVs,with breakdown voltages from 18V to 1800V and surge currents of up to 70KA or more.The company offers round varistors with diameter sizes (measured in millimeter) of:

    Φ5,Φ7,Φ10,Φ14,Φ20,Φ25,Φ32,Φ40 and Φ53.

    A square model with 34mm sides is available and custom-made sizes are also possible.

    QY Semiconductor MOV products are RoHS WEEE-compliant and meet the following standards and certifications: UL,VDE and CSA. QY Semiconductor MOV products may be incorporated into SPDs that are certified to standard ICE 61643-331-2003.

  • PTC

    • Full range available;
    • Voltage from 6V to 600V;
    • Protection current from milliamps to amps.

    PTC introduction:Positive Thermal Coefficient devices(PTC),also known as ‘re-settable fuses’,provide over-current protection for electrical and electronic devices.They function using conducting strips of metal imbedded inside polymers.Under normal conditions,the devices’ resistance is near zero,but over-current conditions will heat the PTC and expand the polymer,increasing the impedance.When current returns to normal,the components cool down,returning to their original shape and very low levels of resistance.

    Applications of PTC devices include:vehicle motor control,electric windows,windscreen wipers,electric seat controls,music players,electronic toys,radio-controlled cars,lithium battery chargers&consumer telecommunications equipment.

    QY Semiconductor offers a range of PTC components in the following packages:jK06,jK16,jK30,jK60,jK90,jK130,jK250& jK600.

    QY Semiconductor PTC products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:UL 1950; FCC 68;ITU-T.

  • SPG

    • Breakdown voltage from 100V to several thousand Volts;
    • Surge current from 100A to 3000A;
    • Capacitance can be lower than 1pF.

    SPG introduction:SPark Gap Protectors (SPG) use glass tubes to envelope and contain a chip,which increases the devices’ response times to around 1ns.This type of device is typically cheaper,smaller and faster than gas discharge tubes (GDT) and is between semiconductor over-voltage protectors and GDT’s in the levels of protection it affords.SPG typically have high isolation and can be used in parallel,similar to GDT devices.

    Applications for QY Semiconductor’s range of SPG products include high frequency telecommunication circuits and power isolation circuits.

    QY Semiconductor SPG products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:UL 1449;UL 497A;UL 497B.

  • TSS

    • Accurate over-voltage clamping with fast response times;
    • Low capacitance with bi-directional capabilities

    TSS introduction:Thyristor Surge Suppressors (TSS) are one kind of semi-conductor surge absorbers.

    The feature:
    • Precise control over break-down voltages (VBR),offering superior tolerance levels compared to other solutions;
    • Strong surge capability;
    • Fast response times;
    • Low capacitance;
    • Bi-directional capabilities.

    QY Semiconductor offers TSS devices in the following packaging:SMA,SMB,TO-92.TSS devices may be used repeatedly with minimal degradation.

    Applications for TSS components include:modems,line cards,CPE (telephones,answering machines,fax Machines),SLICs,T-1/E-1,xDSL,PBXs etc.

    QY Semiconductor TSS products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:GB/T18802.341,IEC61643-341:2001,GR1089,ITU K.20,ITU K.21 & K.45,IEC 60950,UL60950,TIA-968(FCC Part 68),EN60950.

  • MLV
    Non-linear current-voltage relationship;
    When the applied voltage across it falls below a certain threshold voltage, the "breakdown voltage", its resistance value is great, as megohm level;
    When the voltage applied across it exceeds the breakdown voltage, the resistance value decreased rapidly with increasing voltage level can be as small as Ohm, mOhm level.
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