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• Higher surge capability
• Voltage range from 18V to 1800V
• Surge current up to 70KA

QY Semiconductor MOVs
Metal oxide varistors (MOVs) use zinc oxide that has been heat-treated and formed into a disc. The zinc oxide disc acts as a non-linear resistor, clamping the voltage at a given level.

Most applications for MOV’s are in power transmission lines and circuits that are controlled by low frequency signals.

QY Semiconductor provides a full range of MOVs,with breakdown voltages from 18V to 1800V and surge currents of up to 70KA or more.The company offers round varistors with diameter sizes (measured in millimeter) of:

Φ5,Φ7,Φ10,Φ14,Φ20,Φ25,Φ32,Φ40 and Φ53.

A square model with 34mm sides is available and custom-made sizes are also possible.

QY Semiconductor MOV products are RoHS WEEE-compliant and meet the following standards and certifications: UL,VDE and CSA. QY Semiconductor MOV products may be incorporated into SPDs that are certified to standard ICE 61643-331-2003.

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