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• Low capacitance;
• Very high surge current capability;
• Isolation: impedance very high and can be kept isolated. Up to 1000Mega Ohms;
• Used in parallel with device;Voltage from 70V to 3000V;
• Surge current up to several hundred thousand Amps;
• Capacitance lower than 1pF.

GDT introduction:Gas discharge tubes (GDT) use noble gasses enclosed in ceramic tubes to provide an alternate circuit path for voltage spikes.The ceramic envelope and with nickelconnectors allow for high loads and QY Semiconductor offers products that function at 20KA,40KA,50KA,60KA,100KA &150KA.The breakdown voltages of the devices have a wide range (up to 20% tolerance).

Major applications are high frequency telecommunication lines, stations, security systems,HID and high quality Surge Protection Devices (SPD).

QY Semiconductor offers the following types:2 port;5,7& 8 mm.3 port;6,7&8 mm.The company also offers surface mounted device (SMD) used in portable digital products.

QY Semiconductor GTD products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:UL;VDE;IEC 61000-4-5;IEC 61643-311:2001/GB9043;ITU-T K.21;GR1089.

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