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• Full range available;
• Voltage from 6V to 600V;
• Protection current from milliamps to amps.

PTC introduction:Positive Thermal Coefficient devices(PTC),also known as ‘re-settable fuses’,provide over-current protection for electrical and electronic devices.They function using conducting strips of metal imbedded inside polymers.Under normal conditions,the devices’ resistance is near zero,but over-current conditions will heat the PTC and expand the polymer,increasing the impedance.When current returns to normal,the components cool down,returning to their original shape and very low levels of resistance.

Applications of PTC devices include:vehicle motor control,electric windows,windscreen wipers,electric seat controls,music players,electronic toys,radio-controlled cars,lithium battery chargers&consumer telecommunications equipment.

QY Semiconductor offers a range of PTC components in the following packages:jK06,jK16,jK30,jK60,jK90,jK130,jK250& jK600.

QY Semiconductor PTC products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:UL 1950; FCC 68;ITU-T.

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