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• Breakdown voltage from 100V to several thousand Volts;
• Surge current from 100A to 3000A;
• Capacitance can be lower than 1pF.

SPG introduction:SPark Gap Protectors (SPG) use glass tubes to envelope and contain a chip,which increases the devices’ response times to around 1ns.This type of device is typically cheaper,smaller and faster than gas discharge tubes (GDT) and is between semiconductor over-voltage protectors and GDT’s in the levels of protection it affords.SPG typically have high isolation and can be used in parallel,similar to GDT devices.

Applications for QY Semiconductor’s range of SPG products include high frequency telecommunication circuits and power isolation circuits.

QY Semiconductor SPG products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:UL 1449;UL 497A;UL 497B.

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