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• Accurate over-voltage clamping with fast response times;
• Low capacitance with bi-directional capabilities

TSS introduction:Thyristor Surge Suppressors (TSS) are one kind of semi-conductor surge absorbers.

The feature:
• Precise control over break-down voltages (VBR),offering superior tolerance levels compared to other solutions;
• Strong surge capability;
• Fast response times;
• Low capacitance;
• Bi-directional capabilities.

QY Semiconductor offers TSS devices in the following packaging:SMA,SMB,TO-92.TSS devices may be used repeatedly with minimal degradation.

Applications for TSS components include:modems,line cards,CPE (telephones,answering machines,fax Machines),SLICs,T-1/E-1,xDSL,PBXs etc.

QY Semiconductor TSS products are RoHS WEEE compliant and meet the following standards and certifications:GB/T18802.341,IEC61643-341:2001,GR1089,ITU K.20,ITU K.21 & K.45,IEC 60950,UL60950,TIA-968(FCC Part 68),EN60950.

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